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Acrylic Nails

Typically last up to 5 – 6 weeks with an infill in between. Infills are necessary, as your natural nail will obviously grow and the infill procedure will complement your nails extra length.

Acrylic Nails - Vibrant Hair & Beauty, Chester Le Street

Full Set - £36 includes gel polish

Acrylic Over Natural Nails - £32

Infills - £25 (£6 extra for gel polish)

Repairs - £3.50

Soak Off - £15

Nail Art - from 50p

Gel Nails

Great nails can provide women with great confidence. With the latest technology of gel nail polish, there’s no reason to hide those damaged, broken or bitten nails. Gel nails can last for up to 2-3 weeks with no chipping and will protect your natural nail in the process.

Gel Nails - Vibrant Hair and Beauty Chester Le Street

Soak Off Gel Manicure or Pedicure - £20

Soak Off & Tidy - £5

Hard Gel over natural nails - £32

Infills - £25 (£6 extra for gel polish)

Repairs - £3.50