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All of our hair extensions come from 100% human remy hair. We only ever use the best quality, double drawn Russian, Indian and Mongolian hair.

We are trained in various methods so we are able to recommend what is best suited for individual hair types, our methods are micro-rings, fusion bonds, easy shrinks, mini tubes and tape weft.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

♦ To add length & volume
♦ To experiment with colour without the damaging effects
♦ To achieve your hair goals for that special occasion or prom night
♦ To achieve thick lush hair when your own natural hair is fine
♦ Styling it up – ever wanted that AMAZING up do or chunky braid?

Essential Hair Extensions aftercare steps to follow

To benefit from the above, a good aftercare is crucial for long lasting hair extensions with minimal damage. It can even pro-long the life the life of the hair to upto 1 year, so there’s so need to buy new hair each time you visit Vibrant Hair & Beauty for re-fits.

Washing your hair

The correct hair extension, shampoo should be used each time you wash your hair. This has all the essential & ingredients needed to promote a natural PH that’s kind to your hair extensions. It is also sulphate free and has NO risk of harmful chemicals that can damage your hair. Hair extensions should only be washed once or twice a week.


Only the mid lengths and ends should be conditioned to prevent your hair extensions skipping down from the root. A good quality oil is also recommended daily on your hair extensions for that long lasting condition.

Drying your hair extensions

Hair extensions must never be left we make sure you thoroughly dry your hair, especially at the root , each time they got wet and use a medium heat setting and loop brush when combing them through.

Sleeping with hair extensions

To prevent tangling and pulling, it is highly recommended that you braid or tie your hair in loose low ponytail whilst you sleep.

Swimming and Holidays

The effects of the sun and heat can damage your hair extensions along with chemicals from chlorine. It is advised that you rinse your hair after swimming and follow with a special shampoo. A UV protector is also recommended n the mid lengths and ends when exposing hair to the damaging effects of the sun.

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